Note: this interview was originally published in 2016.

Wayne Shires runs various bear club nights, including London’s very popular Brüt which will be teaming up with Brighton Bear Weekend to co-host the men’s zone and tent in the park at Brighton Pride in August. We asked Wayne a few pertinent questions …

Can you please tell us about yourself and what you do?

I run Brüt in London, and have done bear nights in the past (Chunk at the Eagle) and Beefy Tea, and I owned Crash and Area in Vauxhall. Now I have The Bloc in Camden and East Bloc in East London … oh, and I did Summer Rites … I think that’s it? 🙂

Wayne Shires

Have you been to any of our events before?

No I haven’t, but I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I love the bear scene – it’s always fun and no attitude !

What events will you be looking forward to at Brighton Bear Weekend?

The picnic, as I like my food. 🙂

The bear movement began as a non-judgmental community for men of all shapes and sizes; body image and self-esteem are still important issues for gay men. Do you feel that events like ours and others promote this still?

I think so. We offer a club space for all types of guys – the important thing is that guys can go out without feeling like if they don’t hit the gym four times a week, no one will look at them. True bear events are very friendly!

What made you want to work with Brighton Bear Weekend?

We can’t wait to hit the park and co-host the tent with you guys, because you’re fun and we love bears!

Thanks, Wayne – see you soon!

The Brüt website is at: