Geoff Widdop looks back at last year’s weekend, when he and some of the other Yorkshire Bears headed down to the south coast for a fun-packed weekend …

For most people, the arrival of June means Wimbledon, but for those of the ursine persuasion it means Brighton Bear Weekend. The event goes from strength to strength each year, and the guys who organise it do it really well, and the weekend and the crowds it attracts is a real credit to them.

There’s a full, fun-packed weekend organised, and we started our weekend on the Friday night by sampling a few drinks in the Camelford Arms, a popular haunt for the bears and a regular event holder for the weekend. The staff here are always very friendly in this wonderful boozer and the food is delicious, but more of that later…

After saying our hellos to friends old and new, we headed down to club Envy where the Come to Daddy guys hosted their very popular and busy club night, and tonight was no exception, it was heaving! Wall to wall fur, as people seemed to lose their clothes dancing and gyrating in those fantastic lasers teased onto the dancefloor with the fabulous tunes of DJ Bozzy Bear, a Brighton regular and well known for packing them on the dancefloor – it’s a great way to gaze over all the furry eye candy.

Yorkshire Bears in Benidorm

Yorkshire Bears in Benidorm. Geoff is at the front, in the red t-shirt furthest to the left.

We’re still in the mood, so we head off to Subline where Steve and his team know how to throw a party, however, I think it’s best said that ‘what goes on in Subline, stays in Subline…’ so why not give it a visit, you won’t be disappointed!

The Saturday, we ventured (although got lost) to the lovely picnic in the park, where delicious cakes and wares are on sale at very reasonable prices, encouraging the bears to eat more and increase their girth, but that’s surely not a bad thing, right?

Saturday evening saw even more bears prowling the streets around the Camelford and Legends where we went for the evening, drinking and chatting with a really friendly group of guys, before again heading down to Subline – no comment… except WOW! That pole certainly saw some action and even made me blush!!!

Sunday, and alas the day most people head home, but not before food. I told you we would talk about food again. The Camelford Arms can do a Sunday roast proud, and today was no exception. Food, glorious food kept coming out of that kitchen with plates piled high with very good quality food, even for veggies! The plates, what I observed went back to the kitchen practically licked clean, which surely is the greatest thanks a kitchen could get? I promise, this place never disappoints for atmosphere or food. And so, as people say their goodbyes, we have a quiet night laughing and joking about the antics that we saw, mainly performed by our mate Neil ‘Silver Fox’ who loves extending a warm Yorkshire Bears welcome to anyone who comes within snogging distance… so long Brighton Bear Weekend, as ever you were amazing and long may you continue with your brilliant weekend and sterling fund raising efforts for the Rainbow Fund.

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