DJ profile: Bozzy Bear

In the last of our profiles of the DJs who will be rocking the dancefloors at this year’s Brighton Bear Weekend, we look at Bozzy Bear, who has been performing at the weekend for several years.

In Part One, we chat with Bozzy about his background and how he got started as a DJ, and we find out his Top Five Current Dance TunesRead more and listen »

In Part Two, we discover his Top Five All-Time Floor Fillers, and there’s also a free one-hour mix for you to enjoy! Read more and listen »

DJ Bozzy Bear

We’re taking over RadioReverb!

This morning (Saturday 2nd June) we’ll be taking over the entire Out in Brighton show on RadioReverb with Kathy Caton! We have a plethora of guests who are involved in the big weekend, including Billie Lewis from Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum, Gary Pargeter from Lunch Positive, Aaron Lawrence (Spice), Jason ThorpeJon B, Neil Borrett (DJ Bozzy Bear), James Ledward and more. We might need a bigger studio!

You can listen to the live broadcast on 97.2 FM in the Brighton area, on DAB+ and online from 11:00 to 12:00 this morning. We’ll also post a link to the archived podcast when it becomes available. Thanks for listening!

Radio Reverb 97.2 FM

Only 2 weeks to go!

Only two weeks to go until Brighton Bear Weekend 2018 kicks off! Four days of fur and fun in the sun, from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 June in sunny Brighton on the south coast of the UK. We’re almost ready … are you?!

Only 2 weeks to go!

DJ profile: Rob C

Rob C is a very familiar face at bear, Pride and fetish events in the UK and beyond. He has just finished touring the USA and will be back at this year’s Brighton Bear Weekend with two more blistering sets (Uproar on Friday 15 June, and Woofer on Saturday.)

In Part One of Rob’s DJ profile, we chat with him about what he has been up to and what he’ll be doing next. We’ll also find out his Top Five Current Dance Tunes which you can hear in a fantastic hour-long mix! Read more and listen »

In Part Two, we find out Rob’s Top Five All-Time Floor Fillers – his dependable dancefloor classics that have stood the test of time. Read more and listen »

DJ Rob C

Lyons and Bears!

Comedian Zoe Lyons, patron of the Rainbow Fund and a great supporter of Brighton Bear Weekend, has kindly sent us her best wishes for the big weekend:

“June 14 marks the start of Brighton’s brilliant Bear Weekend. Four days full of fantastic events guaranteed to keep every fun-loving Bear entertained. The weekend has been a huge supporter of the Rainbow Fund over the years. Helping to raise much-needed funds for local LGBT/HIV support groups. At a time when government funding for such projects is much reduced, communities really do have to look after each other, so thank you gorgeous Bears. Wishing you all a fun, happy and safe weekend.”

Thanks, Zoe! You can read the full article containing Zoe’s statement in Gscene:

Comedian Zoe Lyons and some Brighton bears


Golden Handbag Awards 2018

It’s that time of year again … Brighton’s fabulous annual Golden Handbags Awards are coming up on Sunday 1st July, and voting is open now!

If you haven’t voted yet, please consider voting for Brighton Bear Weekend as your Favourite Community/Leisure Networking Organisation (category 21). You need to vote in at least five categories for your views to be counted, so you might also want to remember all the people and venues who support us when you make your choice.

Click the picture below to take the survey. Thank you so much!

Golden Handbags Awards


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