If you were at Brighton Bear Weekend last year, you’ll remember Josh Sharp#‘s amazing DJ set and mesmerising video show at Woofer in the basement of Latest Music Bar.

We recently had a good chat with Josh. In this first part of his profile, we asked him all about his DJing, his unique visuals, and his top five current dance tunes …

DJ Josh the Barber

Hi Josh. Welcome back to Brighton Bear Weekend! How was Woofer for you last year, and what kind of set can we expect from you this year?

Last year’s Woofer was fantastic. This year is going to even better! The set I’ll be playing will be funky with a darker, sleazier edge – with of course a few classics thrown in!

Your visual projections during your set are amazing. How are they created, and where do the images come from?

The visual projections look great – they work so well downstairs at Woofer. Darryl (roffey@gmail.com), who creates the visuals, sources from different media platforms from pop gay culture and also scours social media for the best bear erotic content – what an awful job! We use the visuals as a lighting effect. This year will be even better!

What else have you got going on at the moment? Any other gigs or events coming up?

I have a few gigs coming up: Doctor Brighton’s Closing Party in July, and Brighton Pride and Amsterdam Bar in August. Also a new project producing tracks for a marketing company, Gifted Communications.

Have you got any mixes to share with us?

Yes, here’s one for you 🙂

Thanks, Josh – we’re really looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Josh will be playing at Brighton Bear Weekend’s Woofer at Latest Music Bar on Saturday 16 June. More information »

Josh’s Top Five Current Dance Tunes

In no particular order …

Souvernance – Can’t Control

Luca Debonaire and Sharapov – Who Got the Funk

Alexander Zabbi – What You Do It

Mark Knight featuring Mr V – We Get High From The Music

Leandro Da Silva – So Crazy

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