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Brighton Bear Weekend is over for another year – and it was a total blast! We want to send a huge THANK YOU to all the bears and friends who came to our events and made them so much fun. We love you all!!!

Here at Brighton Bear Weekend headquarters, we’re recomposing ourselves and will be back soon with photos from the weekend and other news. We will also be revealing the grand total raised over the weekend when everything has been finalised. We’ll always keep you posted here and on our Soma 350 Mg Side Effects. Thanks again, and stay beary!

Thanks, bears!

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada

T-shirts and wristbands are still on sale in our Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery. However, because we cannot guarantee that posted items will reach you before the big weekend (14-17 June), merchandise bought online will not be posted out, and must be collected in person during the weekend instead. This shipping option will be selected for you automatically upon checkout.

You can collect items that you have bought online at our Buy Yellow Diazepam at Soma 350 Mg For Sale (Friday 15 June, 7:00-11:00pm). If you can’t be there, ask a friendly Brighton Bear Weekend crew member at any of our other events during the weekend – just look for our yellow name badges – and we’ll sort you out!

Buy Ambien Cr 12.5