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We are very proud to announce that Brighton Bear Weekend received a special award for our 2017 fundraising total of £11,855 at the Rainbow Fund Grant Awards this week!

At the ceremony, which took place on the evening of Monday 16 October at the Hilton Brighton Metropole in the presence of the Mayor and other local figures, a total of 14 grants were awarded by the Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate to local LGBT/HIV community groups.

The award was presented by comedian Zoe Lyons (below, left), together with Sophie Cook (holding the award) and the evening’s hostess, Lola Lasagne (right).

Rainbow Fund Awards 2017

Thanks once again to everyone who has supported us in whatever way – venue owners and staff, donors of time and resources, crew and volunteers, and of course all you wonderful bears who continue to support us year on year!

Rainbow Fund Awards 2017