Exciting News for This Year’s Merchandise!

In our ongoing efforts to be more economical and environmentally conscious, we’re adopting a new approach to our merchandise production. This year, we’re opting for bulk printing of our exclusive t-shirts. This not only helps us in reducing costs but also significantly minimizes the risk of overstocking.

The design this year has been commissioned by the lovely folks at FayJay (http://fayjayworld.com

What This Means for You:

When you place your order, the delivery timeline could vary. Depending on our batch printing schedule, your much-anticipated t-shirt could arrive in just a few days or stretch to a few weeks. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate this more sustainable path.

Special Collection Option:

For those attending the much-loved Mr. Brighton Bear competition on Friday or joining us at the vibrant Garden Party on Saturday, we offer a special treat! You can opt to collect your orders directly at these events. It’s a fantastic way to save on shipping, get your merchandise in time for the festivities, and maybe even flaunt it during the events!

Please Note:

To ensure everything runs smoothly, we will be closing online orders for event collection 3 weeks prior to the event. This deadline helps us ensure that your orders are ready and waiting for you at the event of your choosing.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We can’t wait to see you sporting the new gear at the events!

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