Golden Handbag Awards 2018

It’s that time of year again … Brighton’s fabulous annual Golden Handbags Awards are coming up on Sunday 1st July, and voting is open now!

If you haven’t voted yet, please consider voting for Brighton Bear Weekend as your Favourite Community/Leisure Networking Organisation (category 21). You need to vote in at least five categories for your views to be counted, so you might also want to remember all the people and venues who support us when you make your choice.

Click the picture below to take the survey. Thank you so much!

Golden Handbags Awards


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DJ profile: Josh the Barber

Josh the Barber has been performing at Brighton Bear Weekend, Brighton Pride and local venues for years, and his deep house sets and trademark stunning visuals have always proved wildly popular.

In Part One of his DJ profile, we chat with Josh to find out what he has been up to lately, and what we can expect from him at Woofer on Saturday 16 June during this year’s big weekend. He also shares one of his mixes and his Top Five Current Dance Tunes, and you can listen to them too! Read more and listen »

In Part Two, you can listen to Josh’s Top Five All-Time Floor Fillers: his perennial favourites that always raise the roof! Read more and listen »

DJ Josh the Barber

DJ profile: Grant Knowles

Grant Knowles is a prolific and much-loved DJ whose name you’ll know if you’ve spent any time in Brighton’s bars and clubs. We recently caught up with him to find out what’s going on his world …

In Part One of our interview with Grant, we chat about his career, where he’s currently playing, and what to expect at his upcoming set at our Welcome Night at Bar Revenge on Friday 15 June. We also find out his Top Five Current Dance Tunes, and you can listen to them too! Read more and listen »

In Part Two, we reveal his Top Five All-Time Floor Fillers – massive tunes that always get a dance floor heaving! Read more and listen »

DJ Grant Knowles